Be unstoppable with the right Fractional CMO

I help businesses fuel growth through marketing that drives measurable impact.

Are You Looking to Grow Faster?

My name is Mindy Anderson, a bold marketing executive with 20 years of proven results.

As a Fractional CMO, I lighten your workload by managing all aspects of your company’s marketing department. From vendors to employees, a Fractional CMO acts as an executive and an extension of your brand.

Stand-Out Services

When you partner with me, I improve your marketing and go-to-market approach through expert marketing strategy and leadership. I am here to help you fuel growth and profitability.

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purple happy birthday neon light signage

Are you ready to...

Create Marketing that drives results?

It's not enough to rely on inexperienced marketers to dictate your business’s overall marketing strategy. Your Marketing needs to represent your brand and showcase your mission and values. And you want to do it in a way that stops the user in their tracks.

Grow your brand and turn your audience into paying clients?

Selling online is different from traditional sales channels. But most of all, you need to gain your audience's trust if you want them to part with their dollar.

Acquire your dream clients online?

Everybody is online, so why shouldn't you try to reach out to them? With a bigger reach than ever before, the world really is your oyster.

Invest in your brand and take your business to the next level?

As a fractional CMO, I offer businesses expert marketing leadership on a part-time basis to help plan and implement their marketing efforts in a cost-effective way. With the right approach, you can exponentially grow your bottom line.

My blog

I'll let you in on some trade secrets and share my top tips on how to successfully promote your brand.

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This is the sign you've been looking for neon signage

”We went from having zero online marketing presence to dominating our space. I never thought we could do it, but our new marketing and content strategy has truly reinvigorated the majority of our sales strategy.”

Nicollas Ductorn
Director of Corporate MarketingForge Inc.