Loquat Case Study

Loquat is a market-leading fintech software focused on helping small businesses prosper by providing small banks and credit unions with an end-to-end system that allows business owners to handle their transactions 24/7.

5/8/20242 min read

Loquat Inc. is a banking-as-a-service (BaaS) digital platform, offering fast, secure and convenient way for Financial Institutions (FIs) to extend digital banking to small businesses. Loquat’s end-to-end solution allows FIs to open small business accounts, instantly issue debit cards, and underwrite loans in minutes. Loquat helps small business owners of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds put their dreams into action.

When Zarina Tsomaeva, CEO, partnered with Mindy as a Fractional CMO, Mindy disrupted conventional marketing ideas and increased their brand positioning through social media brand authority and storytelling. It’s this mentality that helped unlock Loquat's growth potential. Plus, Mindy knows her way around Financial Services.


Armed with a detailed understanding of the evolving landscape of brand, Mindy has the unique ability to see a future that many cannot envision. Her ability to hear a concept, and flesh out a battle-tested plan for the future that knows no bounds is second to none.


Mindy has a keen understanding of where we've been, where we're going, and how to navigate any brand into a future-proof stance for the road ahead.


As a fractional CMO, Mindy has helmed numerous award-winning projects that merge brand strategy, creative, marketing, and technology into a cohesive whole for over 20 years. She is a true master of bridging the gap between out-of-the-box, original creative with forward-thinking, elegant marketing & technology.


As a whole-brain business executive, Mindy has overseen bringing ideas to fruition as fully-realized brands for Startups and Enterprise clients alike, launching them to market successfully.

”As a Fractional CMO, Mindy is output-focused, works very well cross collaboratively and delivers really impactful, quality work that truly moves the needle. I highly recommend Mindy due to her strategic vision, leadership with multiple brands, and her exceptional ability to create impactful content that aligns with our business objectives.”

Zarina Tsomaeva

CEO & Founder, Loquat Inc